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Holstein Youth Compete at 2012 National Junior Holstein Convention

Brattleboro, Vt. (July 9, 2012)... Youth from across the country traveled to Springfield, Mo. for the National Junior Holstein Convention, competing in various contests and displaying their talents on a national stage.

Public Speaking Contest
Thirty-seven contestants competed in this year's Prepared Public Speaking competition. In the Junior division, first place honors went to Allison Herrick, N.J., with her speech entitled, "Calf Raising." Second place went to Lora Wright, Mo., with "Robotic Milking" and third was Alexandria Lopes, Calif., "Dairy Cows – Super Models of the Industry."

In the Intermediate division, first place was Katie Migliazzo, Calif., with "Biosecurity, It's Up to You!" Second was Jennifer Haler, Minn., "From Moo to You," and third was Ashley Mohn, Pa., with "Cheese."

Mary Elizabeth Foote, N.Y., captured first place in the Senior division with her speech, "Bringing the Next Generation of Dairy Farmers Back to the Farm." In second place was Lauren Nell, Pa., "Labor Law," and third went to Taylor Pires, Calif., "Media's Effects on Perception of Agriculture."

Folding Display Competition
Forty eight folding displays were submitted for the sixth annual Folding Display competition. Participants create a free-standing display on a dairy industry topic of their choice. This year the folding displays were divided into two categories, creative and scientific. Having two divisions in the contest allows more youth to compete and showcase their knowledge.

The winning entry in the Junior Creative division was submitted by Kate Carlson, Ill., titled "Ethics." Second place honors went to Katelyn McClellan, Mo., with "Embryo Transfer" and third was Rosie Lenz, Mo., with "Udders."

In the Intermediate Creative division, Alex Pluskot, Fla., had the winning entry with "Farm Safety." Sydney Davis, N.C., placed second with "How Now Brown Cow." Third place went to Ashley Mohn, Pa., with her display entitled "Shh…I'm Resting."

For the Senior Creative division, Shelby Proctor, Pa., placed first with her display, "ABS." Jacob Shaffer, Pa., placed second with "Blast Off for Milk" and third went to Raychel Rabon, Fla., "Dairy Foods."

Placing first in the Junior Scientific division was Sierra Swanson, Minn., with "Holsteins." Second place was awarded to Jacey Smith, Wash., with her display titled "Hole-E-Cow (Fistulated Cows)." Rachel Nigh, Wis., was third with "5 C's of Calf Care."

Winning the Intermediate division in the Scientific display was Suzanna Hull, Mich., "Cow Digestion." Jacob McGehee, Fla., was second with "Plants Toxic to Dairy Cattle." Third place was Mark Kitchen, Pa., with "Cows' Eyesight."

The Senior Scientific display competition was won by Jessica Bryiger, N.J., with her display titled "Somatic Cell Count." Austin Pluskot, Fla., was second with "By-product Feeds." Third was Christian O'Brien, N.J., with "Holstein Heal."

State Scrapbook and Banner Competition
The state scrapbook contest gives each state the opportunity to showcase the Junior Holstein activities they do throughout the year. Eight states submitted entries this year, with Iowa having the winning entry, Wisconsin placing second, and New York in third.

The digital scrapbook contest saw six entries submitted. This division is judged on the same criteria as a traditional scrapbook, but must be presented on a computer, DVD player, or other digital format. Winning this year's contest was Missouri, followed by Florida in second, and Iowa taking third.

The state banner competition allows states to show off their creative sides. This year there were a total of 10 entries that were displayed at the Convention. First place in the banner contest went to Illinois, second to Florida, and third to California.

Junior Advisory Committee Election Results
At the National Junior Forum on June 30, three new youth area representatives were elected to serve on the Junior Advisory Committee (JAC). For Area II, Austin Pluskot of Florida was elected to replace outgoing committee member Tera Koebel of Michigan, and Briar Jeg of Washington will be replacing Brooke Schoenbachler, also of Washington, for Area IV. Molly Herberg of Minnesota was elected to serve as an At-Large committee member, replacing Derek Wasson from Pennsylvania.

The JAC is the governing body of the Junior Association and oversees the organization's activities. The committee is elected by the membership at the National Junior Forum, and members serve two-year terms. The committee experience helps youth learn more about their Association while strengthening leadership skills.

Dairy Jeopardy
Dairy Jeopardy had nearly 70 contestants in three age divisions; Junior, ages 9-13, Intermediate, ages 14-17, and Senior, ages 18-21. The quick response competition is based on the popular television game show, but focuses on a vast array of dairy knowledge. In the Junior division, first place went to Sarah Thomas from North Carolina. The Intermediate division winner was Megan Rauen of Iowa, and in the Senior division contest, Ethan Himmelberger from Pennsylvania took home the top prize.

Dairy Bowl
In the National Dairy Bowl contest, four-person teams compete within two age divisions - Junior, ages 9-15, and Senior, ages 16-21. A total of 27 Junior and Senior teams competed this year.

For the Junior division championship, California faced off against Iowa, California claiming victory in the final match. Coaching the California team are Kirsten Areias and Megan Pierce, and team members included Bailey Allen, Alexandria Gambonini, Kiara Gilardi and Hannah Young. The runner-ups of Iowa were coached by Diana Stewart, with team members Alyssa Dougherty, Andy Dougherty, Adam Simon and Katie Stewart.

The Senior division saw the same match up with California versus Iowa. California claimed the national champion title in the Senior division with team members Caitlin Lopes, Tony Lopes, Elisabeth Regusci and Elise Regusci. The team was coached by Kirsten Areias and Megan Pierce. The Iowa team was coached by Heidi deGier, and competitors were Joey Adams, Kyle Demmer, Jake Mills and Rachel Scott.

Excellent sportsmanship is also rewarded in each division to encourage courtesy and friendliness throughout the contest. The Ohio team received this honor in the Junior division. Team members were Lukas Bishop, Kenzie Bishop, J.D. Nelson and Korey Oechsle, coached by Joyce Nelson. The Illinois team claimed sportsmanship honors in the Senior division. Team members included Morgan Bollech, Matt Drendel, Levi Martin and Philip Shanks. The team is coached by Becky and Glen Meier.

Dairy Knowledge Exam
The Dairy Knowledge Exam is open to any youth attending that National Junior Holstein Convention who wants to test their skills. The top three in each age division were awarded with a plaque. In the Junior division, first place went to Mary Scott from Iowa; second place was Sarah Thomas of North Carolina; and coming in third place was Nathan Arthur from Iowa. Claiming top honors in the Senior division was Tony Lopes of California; second place was Elise Regusci, California; and third place was Aaron Mitchell of Illinois.

Distinguished Junior Member Finalists Named
Holstein USA recently recognized six finalists in the 2012 National Distinguished Junior Member (DJM) competition at the National Junior Holstein Convention on June 30 in Springfield, Mo. This is the highest honor a Junior Holstein member may receive, and is based on outstanding work throughout his or her dairy project career.

The finalists for this year's contest are Jacob Achen, Minn., Sara Bechtel, Pa., Matt Henkes, Iowa, Tera Koebel, Mich., Nathan Ulmer, Pa., and Corbin Wood, Pa.

The Breeder of an Excellent Cow award is presented to Junior members who have bred and owned a cow officially classified "Excellent" on or after January 1, 2010. The 2012 recipients are: Meredith Ball, Idaho; Quinn Cashell, Pa.; Kaicey Conant, Maine; Emily Davis, Pa.; Scott DeBaugh, Md.; Dustin Gates, Pa.; Matthew Gray, N.Y.; Charles Hamilton, Wis.; Jessica Herrington, N.Y.; Kyle Jackson, Pa.; Katy Kemmeren, N.Y.; Emily Knight, N.Y.; Tera Koebel, Mich.; Katherine Larson, Wis.; Jordan London, Pa.; Bret Long, Pa.; Taegan Long, Mich.; Karch Manley, N.Y.; Isaac Mills, Pa.; Rose Morian, Pa.; Katie Osborne, Pa.; Hayley Potts, Va.; Jessica Pralle, Wis.; Ryan Pralle, Wis.; Clay Rice, Pa.; Jocelyn Riser, Pa.; Ruben Schaapman, Ga.; Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Wis.; Morgan Wendling, Ill.; Ryan Wheatley, Del.; and Corbin Wood, Pa.

The National Breeder of a Multiple "E" Excellent Cow award is received by Junior members who have bred and owned a cow classified Multiple "E" Excellent. The breeders receiving the award are: Dustin Gates, Pa.; Taegan Long, Mich.; Tyler Nelson, N.Y.; and Katie Osborne, Pa.

The National Progressive Breeder Award recognizes cattle bred by Junior members that meet high production and classification standards for their age group. Every cow qualifying receives a star and Junior members acquire a star for each elite cow they have bred. This marks the twentieth year that Holstein youth have had the opportunity to apply for the award. Those accumulating five or more stars over their career receive a plaque at National Convention.

One star recipients are Katelyn Allen, Md.; Kaicey Conant, Maine; Dylan Frey, S.D.; Alexandra Gambonini, Calif.; Samantha Gambonini, Calif.; Brooks Hendrickson, Wis.; Devin Kepler, Wis.; Valerie Kramer, Wis.; Emily Mikel, N.Y.; Bryanna Mills, Pa.; Courtney Moser, Wis.; Ruben Schaapman, Ga.; Charlotte Simpson, Pa.; Collin Stoltzfus, Pa.; Mariah Strauss, Wis.; and Ryan Wheatley, Del.

Receiving two stars are Aaron Auman, Pa.; Charlotte Auman, Pa.; Rachel Foster, Pa.; Francesca Gambonini, Calif.; Katie Jackson, Pa.; Mitchell Kappelman, Wis.; Isaac Mills, Pa.; Katrina Nunes, Wis.; Logan Potts, Va.; Austen Schmidt, Wis.; Mary Scott, Iowa; Nathan Ulmer, Pa.; and Nicole Wright, Wis.

Three star winners are Amelia Cooper, Wis.; Matthew Hauck, Pa.; Breinne Hendrickson, Wis.; Kyle Jackson, Pa.; Katy Kemmeren, N.Y.; Emily Knight, N.Y.; Taegan Long, Mich.; Logan Moser, Wis.; Tyler Nell, Pa.; Caitlyn Pool, Pa.; Jordan Siemers, Wis.; Ashley Stoltzfus, Pa.; and Kayla Wright, Wis.

Receiving their fourth star are Tyler Herringtton, N.Y.; Emily Irwin, Ill.; Tera Koebel, Mich.; Karch Manley, N.Y.; Aryn Martin, Maine; and Sam McWilliams, Pa.

Presented her fifth star was Hayley Potts, Va.

Seven star winners are Jordan London, Pa. and Brandon Long, Wis.

Awarded her ninth star is Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Wis.

Receiving their tenth star are Brett Hildebrandt, Wis. and Ashley Martin, Maine.

The eleven star recipient is Katie Osborne, Pa.

Awarded his twelfth star is Charles Hamilton, Wis.

Thirteen star honorees are Jessica Pralle, Wis. and Ryan Pralle, Wis.

Earning 15 stars is Tyler Nelson, N.Y.

The 16 star recipient is Brett Long, Wis.

The National 30,000 Pound Cow award is received by youth who own a cow producing over 30,000 pounds of milk in 305 days or less, between May 2010 and May 2012. This year's recipients are: Ethan Arsenault, N.Y.; Aaron Auman, Pa.; Charlotte Auman, Pa.; Meredith Ball, Idaho; Sara Bechtel, Pa.; Jared Birch, Vt.; Emily Cooper, Pa.; Jason Cooper, Pa.; Becca Davis, Pa.; Amber Gable, Pa.; Alexandra Gambonini, Calif.; Charles Hamilton, Wis.; Matt Henkes, Iowa; Brock Irwin, Ill.; Emily Irwin, Ill.; Katie Jackson, Pa.; Katy Kemmeren, N.Y.; Jordan London, Pa.; Bret Long, Wis.; Taegan Long, Mich.; Carly Lyons, Iowa; Sam McWilliams, Pa.; Jessica Meiller, N.Y.; Victoria Meiller, N.Y.; Bryanna Mills, Pa.; Tyler Nelson, N.Y.; Jessica Nolt, Pa.; Katelyn Nolt, Pa.; Katie Osborne, Pa.; Victoria Peila, Pa.; Caitlyn Pool, Pa.; Jessica Pralle, Wis.; Nicole Pralle, Wis.; Ryan Pralle, Wis.; Jocelyn Riser, Pa.; Nathan Schantz, Pa.; Connor Siemers, Wis.; Jacob Siemers, Wis.; Jordan Siemers, Wis.; Josh Siemers, Wis.; Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Wis.; Ryan Wheatly, Del.; Ryan Widerman, Pa.; and Corbin Wood, Pa.

The National 150,000 Pound Cow award is given to Junior members who own a cow that has produced over 150,000 pounds of milk in her lifetime. This year's recipients are: Brooke Bortner, Pa.; Alexandra Gambonini, Calif.; Matt Henkes, La.; Tyler Herrington, N.Y.; Mitchell Kappelman, Wis.; Brandon Long, Wis.; Bret Long, Wis.; Taegan Long, Wis.; Carly Lyons, La.; Victoria Meiller, N.Y.; Bryanna Mills, Pa.; Tyler Nelson, N.Y.; Katie Osborne, Pa.; Jessica Pralle, Wis.; Ryan Pralle, Wis.; Nathan Schantz, Pa.; and Jordan Siemers, Wis.

The National 200,000 Pound Cow award is given to Junior members who own a cow that has produced over 200,000 pounds of milk in her lifetime. This year's recipients are: Rachel Foster, Pa.; Bret Long, Wis.; Katie Osborne, Pa.; and Katie Wendorf, Wis.

Learn more about Holstein Association USA youth programs at:


The Juniors will be raffling two separate items: The New iPad and a small hand carved Holstein chest. Great to store items or use as a jewlery box. Tickets can be ordered on your Registration form for 1 for $5 or 3 for $10. Proceeds benefit National Holstein Convention.

Junior Raffle
JEOPARDY DAY - Wednesday, June 27

K.C. Wolf at Jeopardy Luncheon
KC Wolf
For a fun addition to the Wednesday lunch, K.C. Wolf will be on hand to take your mind off your cares for 30 minutes. Standing 85 inches at the hips, he is a big, but not a bad wolf. Not even a chance. Everybody loves this wolf, including Little Red Riding Hood.

K.C. Wolf was introduced to the Kansas City Chiefs as mascot in 1989. He has quickly become one of the most entertaining mascots in professional sports. He can dance, imitate Elvis, or do a hilarious routine that is guaranteed to get lots of laughs and smiles. This is a luncheon that will provide fun for all ages.

Classic Cars & Family Fun Fest - Family Night
**All ADULT & JUNIOR participants must sign a waiver**
Louie Cruise through classic Chevy cars as you enter Hammons Field, home of the Double A Springfield Cardinals, for an evening of food and fun as we take over the field and facilities. Don't forget to vote for your favorite car. There will be separate voting for men, women and juniors.

You can dine on a buffet of classic stadium food from 6:30 to 8 pm. Have you ever noticed that everything tastes better at the ballpark?

This is your chance to feel like a major leaguer. Try your luck in a home run derby, take swings in the Cardinals' batting cage or just have your picture taken in the dugout with the mascot.

Hammons Field

Off the field, there will be fun tucked into every corner of the ballpark. Try out the mechanical bull, the obstacle course or other big league entertainment options. Go inside the Cardinals' training facility to make your own music video with your friends. You will receive a copy of it on a complimentary disk to take home. The younger crowd has their own children's playground to enjoy. Behind-the-scenes tours of the facility will also be offered. If nothing else, you also can sit back, visit and watch the evening's highlights on the big screen. You never know who you might see up there bigger than life!

Bring your glove along and get ready to play!

Some of your entertainment options at Family Fun Fest include:
The Black Ops obstacle course -- a one-of-a-kind experience allowing 2 participants to feel as if they are truly engaging in a war of dexterity. Battle your opponent to victory as you make your way through the bricked-wall entrance, down the path of stone pillars, crawl-throughs and passageways. The journey doesn't end here, as you reach the rock climb wall leading to the uniquely designed teeter-totter pivoting bridge, then down the slide to the finish line!

Dynamite – the mechanical bull. Think you are tough enough to take him on? But fear not greenhorn, for this mechanical bull is the safest in the Midwest. Not only is he equipped with the new auto stop feature that stops the ride the instant the rider comes off the saddle, but he is also soft in the head. That's right, he has a special latex- mold noggin to insure that nobody will meet a hard ending if they go head to head with him!

The Three Lane Bungee Run -- Three participants race down the inflatable runway, stretching their bungee cords as far as they can to see who can place their velcro marker the farthest. Then… BOING! They are safely rolled, bounced and blasted backward to the start!

PopNoggins – located inside the Cardinals' training facility. PopNoggins is an exciting, interactive video experience that utilizes the magic of "green screen" technology to superimpose participants' heads onto professional dancing bodies. Up to four people at a time can perform to great tunes such as "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", "Love Shack", "Super Freak", and many more! Your "performance" is recorded onto a DVD for you to take home. And don't worry, for those too shy to be in the spot light -- PopNoggins is as much fun to watch as it is to do!

All ADULT & JUNIOR participants must have a signed waiver submitted.

HOST DAY - Thursday, June 28

Silver Dollar City
Kids Fest
At Silver Dollar City, you'll discover the best Branson shows, attractions, and entertainment. The Culinary and Craft School features seasonal cooking and craft classes. Experience 30 thrilling attractions and rides. Visit over 60 unique craft shops. Enjoy live entertainment featuring more than 40 shows daily. Watch and learn from Branson Craftsmen demonstrating skills in pioneer crafts.

Lost RiverWhile receiving an admission fee that cannot be matched, each ticket holder will be receiving a $10 meal ticket to purchase a meal during their stay in the park. There are too many different selections to mention but if you want it, you can surely find something to please your taste. The only problem--finding time to eat!

America's Biggest KidsFest! ALL-NEW - Half Dollar Holler, the million dollar addition that's all about big adventure for little explorers! This woodland wonderland with treetop fun houses, climbing nets, sand play and more. Plus, back by popular demand, our hand-carved carousel returns in a whole new way!

Half Dollar Holler is designed especially for kids ages 3 - 7. Silver Dollar City ThunderationSee spectacular National KidsFest shows designed with your family in mind! The Fabulous Wallendas, legendary Guinness World Record High Wire Walkers & Winners of the coveted Silver Clown Award. NEW LUMA - an en-LIGHT-ening production using high-tech illumination techniques for a three-dimensional show centered around The City's own Marvel Cave! NEW Gazillion Bubbles featuring amazing masterpieces of bubble artistry on the grand stage with lasers and spectacular light effects! Everyone's favorite Cartoon Characters return to meet and greet your kids!

Silver Dollar City has over 30 rides & attractions with something for every member of the family. Spine-tingling, super-swooping, multi-looping thrills await aboard rides like The GIANT Swing, WildFire®, PowderKeg® and more! And, soak your summer in fun with wild water rides including RiverBlast, Lost River of the Ozarks.

Silver Dollar City theme park evolved around the entrance to one of nature's greatest wonders, Marvel Cave. When visiting Silver Dollar City, a tour of Marvel Cave is always included with your ticket, with tours departing approximately every half hour, weather permitting. Marvel Cave is a wet limestone cave, complete with formations that are still alive and growing! To begin, you will travel 300 feet below the surface and enter the Cathedral Room. The breathtakingly beautiful Cathedral Room is the largest cave entrance room in the United States. A trained cave guide will host your journey.

Want to be able to visit Silver Dollar City after the convention? You can purchase Silver Dollar City tickets at our great prices that will include the meal ticket and be able to use them for seven days following the convention. Extend your stay in Missouri and spend time with the whole family after the convention and visit Silver Dollar City from Sunday, July 1 - Saturday, July 7. You can attend another host day tour and play at Silver Dollar City after the convention with your family. It's up to you!

Remember: If you want to attend Silver Dollar City following convention you would still need to purchase a Host Day tour ticket for Thursday

NEW Independence Day Celebration July 4, 2012! Silver Dollar City will be open until 10pm celebrating this national holiday with a special opening ceremony and morning salute to veterans, an old-fashioned ice cream social, AND FIREWORKS!

Stage Show          SDC Logo

DAIRY BOWL DAY - Friday, June 29

Fantastic Caverns - Jr Mixer and Dance: Friday, June 29

CavernsFor something a little different, the juniors will be traveling to Fantastic Caverns for a dance on Friday evening.  The only ride through cave around, we will be dancing inside the cave at a temperature that hovers around 60 degrees. You won't need to worry about being hot down there!

You will be amazed at the magnitude and stillness of the cave.  We will be rocking to the latest tunes among the delicate draperies, cave pearls, and tiny soda straws formed over the years and years of dripping water.  Sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Fantastic Caverns

FINAL DAY - Saturday, June 30

Junior Awards Banquet - Guest Speaker - Betty Thompson
Miss Oklahoma 2011 & 2012 Runner-Up Miss America

Miss OklahomaMiss Oklahoma 2011 & 2012 Runner-Up Miss America, Betty Thompson.

Betty is a member of the Dairy Farmers Spokesperson Network as well as a Dairy Max Classroom Educator. Betty dances with the world known McTeggart Irish Dancers. In 2007, Betty graduated Valedictorian from Davenport High School. While in high school, she was active in 4-H, FFA, Student Council, Pep Club, McTeggart Irish Dancers, Oak Grove Youth Ministries and FCA. Betty served as class president all 4 years of high school as well as Northeast District 4-H President her senior year.

Betty's platform, Milk It Really Does a Body Good, is inspired by growing up on a small Jersey dairy farm near Davenport, Oklahoma. Betty encourages students to develop healthy eating choices and habits at a young age by having three servings of dairy every day. She is also part of the "New Look of Milk" campaign that focuses on schools switching to plastic bottles instead of paper cartons. Betty is also active with Fuel Up To Play 60, which encourages students to fuel up their bodies with healthy nutritious meals and be active for 60 minutes every day.

Jr Farewell - Baseball Game at Springfield CardinalsWorld Series

You won't want to miss an evening game of the Springfield Cardinals - the Double-A Affiliate of the 2011 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals!

You will be treated to seating in the Redbird Roost on the third base line. You will enjoy a terrific view of the game from the Roost, as well as an all-you-can-eat concession stand, featuring: Cardinals

- Hot Dogs
- Bratwurst
- Nachos
- Chips
- Cookies
- Salad Bar and
- Coca-Cola Products - and many other rotating food items from game to game

Just a block from the hotel, this is a convenient and fun way to spend our last evening together as we cap off a great convention!

For more detailed information regarding Junior events contact Janice Perry at 417-799-9359 or