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Two Books - One Great Opportunity

The 100th Anniversary of the
Missouri Holstein Association:
It's legacy, people and cattle

One of the most comprehensive books ever written
about a state's Holstein heritage!

100th Anniversary

The History Book will be ready for distribution in June 2012 at National Convention. You can pre-order the book for $48.50 US or $60.00 International (includes shipping) or you can pick up your copy for $43 at the convention.

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This 500 page book with over 400 pictures is a must-read for the Holstein enthusiast. You can own a tremendous piece of Holstein history.

Many great books about Holsteins have already been written. Horace Backus Seedstock books, Bill Weeks, Millionaires in the Cornfields, Legends of the Tanbark Trail, Cow-Pic by Jack Remsberg, The Chosen Breed, etc. have been tremendous assets. The Missouri Holstein History book will join the list of elite writings about the Holstein cow and her positive impact on today's agriculture.

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Another History Book Opportunity!

MFA Dairy Breeders - Sires of Distinction


Sires of Distinction:
The M.F.A. Artificial Breeding Association
AndIt’s Impact in Missouri and the Nation

Available at the National Holstein Convention in Springfield, MO. The most comprehensive book ever written in North America about an A.I. organization.

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  • Order your copy online by clicking button above
  • Send check for $36.95 USD - Domestic Shipping or $49.95 USD - International Shipping to Missouri Holstein Association, 3259 Jasmine Road, Clever, MO USA 65631, 417-743-2921, email:
  • You can also pick one up for $29.95 at the National Holstein Convention in Springfield, MO.
Read about:
  • Thonyma Voyageur Veediction and his impact on Robthom Farm.
  • Scudders' Basileus (EX-95). The highest classified Jersey bull in the breed in the early 1950s.
  • The M.F.A. Jersey bull that was #1 in the US in 1958 for daughter type.
  • The delivery of semen by airplane in the early 1950s.
  • Over 250 pictures!!!
Get your copy at the National Convention and own a piece of Missouri Dairy History!!! MFA is funding the publication of this book. Tell your MFA representative that you appreciate their willingness to do this for the Missouri dairy industry!

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History Sample