Last Classification:
EX–92 EX–95-MS

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ella rae
MS Hack SS Ella Rae-Red-ET EX-92 EX-95-MS
2-04 2x 269 15,433 4.3 670 3.0 467
3-02 2x 365 24,027 4.5 1089 3.6 858
Sire: Pursuit September Storm
Dam: West Port Arron Doon A Red ET(VG 85 CAN)
3-03 2x 365 34,643 3.0 1041 3.3 1129
2nd Dam-Scientific Cherry Rae Red (VG 86 *)
6-05 2x 365 36303 4.8 1739 3.7 1336
3rd Dam-Scientific Jubliant Rae ET EX 90 DOM
5-11 3x 365 38880 4.1 1608 3.4 1329
4th Dam- C Hanoverhill Tony Rae EX 96 3E GMD DOM 5*
5th Dam- C Hanoverhill TT Roxette ET EX94 2E GMD DOM
6th Dam- Mil-R-Mor Roxette Ex 90 GMD DOM 30*
7th Dam- C Gleenridge Citation Roxy EX 97 4E GMD 6*

2010 Show Record:
2010 All-Missouri Sr 3-Yr-Old
2010 All-Missouri Produce of Dam & All-Missouri Daughter Dam
Open 1st Sr 3-Yr-Old & Reserve Intermediate Southern Spring National
Jr Show 1st Sr 3-Yr-Old &  Intermediate Southern Spring National
Open 1st Sr 3-Yr-Old, Intermediate Champion & Honorable Mention Grand MO State  Fair
8th Sr 3-Yr-Old Red & White show World Dairy Expo
4th Sr 3-Yr-Old Red & White show North American  Livestock Show

2011 Show Record:
1st Dry 4-Year-Old Missouri State Fair
15th 4-Year-Old International Red & White Show World Dairy Expo
3rd 4-Year-Old Mid-East Fall Red & White Show (NAILE)

2012 Show Record:
1st 5-Year-Old and Reserve Grand Champion Missouri Spring Show
3rd 5-Year-Old Southern Spring National


Hack Durham Ethel Rae-ET *RC VG-85
ME 23,000 5.4%F 3.5%P
Sire: Durham
Dam: MS Hack SS Ella Rae-Red-ET EX-92

Ethel's Daughter:
Hack Talent MS Daisy
2011 All-Missouri Winter Calf & 1st Missouri State Fair
2012 3rd Winter Yearling & 1st Bred & Owned Southern Spring National

Hack Talent Elbertha RA-Red-ET VG-85
ME 25,657 3.5%F 3.3%P
Sire: Talent
Dam: MS Hack SS Ella Rae-Red-ET EX-92
Bred to Colt P

Elbertha has ET Daughters by Demello
ET Sons Available for Sale!

Hack Talent Emma Rae-Red-ET
Sire: Talent
Dam: MS Hack SS Ella Rae-Red-ET EX-92
Due July to Colt P

We have Red & White Bulls for Sale by Elbertha

southern national
Reserve Intermediate Champion
& 1st Place Sr. 3-Yr-Old
2010 Southern National Show

Mike Hackmann, Roy Parsons, Res. Intermediate Champion with
Scott Culbertson on Halter of Ella Rae
Intermediate Champion: Sr 2 Indies-View Lulu Jasper, Bailee Whitehead
Judge Lynn Harbaugh


Sr 3-Year Old Class

state fair
Intermediate Champion
& 1st Sr 3-Yr-Old
& Honorable Mention Grand Champion

Missouri State Fair 2010
lead by Dean Dohle; MO Holstein Princess Hannah Hegeman

enjoying the ride
Roy & Hack
Partners Mike Hackmann & Roy Parsons
will enjoy taking Ella Rae to the next level!

Ella Rae is owned by Junior Nora Hackmann

Housed at

Dean & Stacy Dohle, Pleasant Hope, MO
A Big Thank You to Dean for caring for Ella
Dean Cell: 417.838.8036

Stop by and see Ella while you are at the National Holstein Convention. She is nearby at Starstruck Cattle Company!


Roy Parsons
229 Purina Drive
Gray Summitt, MO 63039
Cell: 636.388.5750
Mike Hackmann
Nora Hackmann
10220 Hwy D
Marthasville, MO 63357
Cell: 314.422.9723