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Missouri Breeder Websites


Missouri breeders are proud to welcome you to our state. Take a tour of the outstanding genetics our breeders have and will be showcasing during the National Convention. Below are links to breeder websites; they invite you to stop by and take a look and be sure to visit them on your way to Springfield. Check back often as our list will grow and the websites will change and be updated regularly! Let us Show You Missouri Holsteins!!

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Northeast Missouri:
Flat-Top Vue Dairy            University of Missouri
Groves-View    Groves-View

South Central Missouri:
    Best-Sunrise Dairy       South Central District            
    South Central District    

Southwest Missouri:
College of the Ozarks         Groves-View Dairy          Hackmann / Parsons
College of the Ozarks    Groves-View    Hackmann / Parsons

    Nelson Hostetler              Route 66 Syndicate          Robthom Holsteins
Nelson Hostetler     Route 66 Syndicate    Robthom

Amos Swartzentruber
Amos Swartzentruber